About the Series

“As someone who grew up on Universal’s monsters, I was blown away by Terry West’s modern interpretation of not only Dracula and Frankenstein, but the Mummy, zombies, werewolves and more! Every page crackles with sarcastic wit, horror and action.” –Hunter Shea, The Jersey Devil

“Think ‘True Blood’ in an urban setting, add a dash of ‘The Sopranos’ and blend in a big-budget action blockbuster finale, and you have something approximating Night Things.”-Tracie McBride, Ghosts Can Bleed

“A wild ride through some wickedly dark places.”-Bram Stoker Award® winner Lucy Taylor

Imagine a world just like yours with one startling difference: every creature of legend has stepped forward from the shadow and they now exist shoulder to shoulder with humankind! New York City has become a macabre melting pot. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghouls are now the new immigrants and they are chasing the American dream. The Night Things have become part of the system. But many humans feel the creatures are dangerous ticking time bombs.

The Night Things series began in 2014. The first book was titled Heroin in the Magic Now. It dealt with addiction and artistic struggle in a world where monsters now exist among mankind. It’s a deep, dark, disturbing tale. It’s the black acorn that the Night Things series grew from. The books that followed focused more on dark fantasy elements as the monsters of this new society clashed for control of the night. And the world. While not as heavy and soul-stunting as Heroin in the Magic Now, the books that followed still had very sharp teeth. 

Those books are:

Heroin in the Magic Now

Dracula vs Frankenstein

Undead & Kicking

Nowhere to Hyde

Baker: Demons & other Night Things

A final book in the series, The Horde Frequency, is on the way and there’ll soon be an Indiegogo campaign where you can support it and get some pretty awesome perks.