The Story


Step into a world astonishingly like our own, yet deliciously warped. Picture New York City, where the American Dream has fangs and a dark sense of humor. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, and ghouls aren’t just crawling out of the woodwork—they’re filing taxes and jostling for space on the subway. Welcome to the urban jungle of the Night Things, where the daily grind comes with a side of supernatural dread.

The saga unfurled its wings in 2014 with the inaugural volume, “Heroin in the Magic Now.” A chilling meditation on addiction and artistic agony, it served as the seed of malevolence from which the rest of the series has gloriously mutated. The follow-up books shifted gears, reveling in dark fantasy as various monstrous factions vie for nocturnal supremacy—and the fate of the world.

The entrancing series lineup includes:

“Heroin in the Magic Now”
“Dracula vs Frankenstein”
“Undead & Kicking”
“Nowhere to Hyde”
“Baker: Demons & other Night Things”

Fasten your seatbelts, because a spine-tingling finale, “The Horde Frequency,” is lurking in the shadows. A forthcoming Indiegogo campaign promises not just the opportunity to back this unsettling opus but also to snag some perks that are—to put it mildly—otherworldly.

Tempted? The Night Things are waiting. And so is the darkness.