Over the years, “Night Things” has captured the interest of various TV and film companies, comic book publishers, and animators. The list below outlines the rights, options, and licenses available for the series. If you have any interest or questions, please use our contact form


Night Things is currently open to TV and Film representation by a proactive and enthusiastic company. If you’re curious about the vibe and style of the series, I’m offering a PDF of a spec pilot script for you to explore. In a landscape where numerous dark horror streaming shows push boundaries, “Night Things” emerges as a contender ready to elevate the stakes even further, with its graphic content, dark humor, and compelling storyline.


Except for “Night Things: The Pilot Script,” all the “Night Things” titles are ready for adaptation into audiobook format. The earlier audiobook editions are currently out of print, and new versions will come with fresh content not previously recorded.


For those unacquainted, I have a deep history in the realm of comic book production. I created both the horror anthology comic series, “Blood for the Muse,” and the graphic novels “Confessions of a Teenage Vampire,” the latter published under the esteemed banner of Scholastic Books. The narrative tapestry of Night Things, rich with its eerie allure, holds the potential to flourish as an exceptional horror and dark fantasy series. Should any visionary comic companies or publishers find themselves intrigued by the prospect of nurturing this concept into a captivating comic series, I eagerly await to hear from them. 


Horror speaks a language that everyone understands. While most of the “Night Things” titles await their foreign translation journey, “Dracula vs Frankenstein” shines as an exception with existing translations available in Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The other books in the series are available for translation in all languages.

For the above or other merchandise or licensing opportunities not mentioned, use the contact form.